AT&T and TEN Advertising reached out to Silicon Ridge to design and bring to life a brand new, completely unique digital float for the 2016 Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco. We provided the following services in delivering the final product:

  • Creative conception
  • Design of the physical float
  • 3D design and model of Monkey King
  • Mobile web site for attendee interaction
  • Hardware acquisition and installation
  • Server software for on-board float
  • Server software for mobile web site
  • Programming server control of DMX  special effects devices
    • 2 Bubble Machines under waterfall
    • 2 Volcano geyser machines
    • 100’s of animated waterfall lights
    • 100’s of Lava effect lights
  • Design and programming for on-board TV Screens
  • Complete operation and support during parade


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