We are Silicon Ridge

A unique digital development shop with a laser focus on your success.

Silicon Ridge, Inc. was founded by Dave Horner in April of 2002 to provide multi-media software and services to Silicon Valley's high-tech companies and Hollywood Studios. We initially focused on Web Multimedia projects that included syncing video with web content for executive briefings and home video marketing.

Silicon Ridge leads our clients' into the future and has developed a broad suite of capabilities from application development to onsite marketing activations.

Our current projects vary in nature from web promotions, Facebook applications, mobile applications to multiplayer event activations and all the way to interactive digital parade floats. This wide variety of capabilities was developed over time and is driven by our customers unique business requirements and our vision for seamless blending of digital, creative and physical integration's.

We are continuously researching and experimenting to stay on the bleeding edge of technology. This ensures that we can present our client's with the widest range of technical and creative options. This is what sets us apart from most development shops and our lean size allows us to move quickly into the future.


A successful strategy comes from first understanding your clients business objectives. That is why we start with listening. Then, and only then, we can apply our broad industry experience, deep technological options and fresh creative ideas to craft a detailed strategy leading to an outstanding campaign rollout.


Our design philosophy is rooted in decades of experience and influenced by the latest industry styles and techniques. We flavor each design based on the unique cultural properties of the target consumers of the media. Your design will be unique, current, culturally relevant and above all beautiful.


Our development team is constantly learning and bringing new technologies, techniques and capabilities to our suite of available solutions. This allows us to offer out clients a broad range of leading edge options. This currently includes full stack development with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, node, Meteor, React, realtime, Mobile applications, Social Media apps, 3D Games and much more.


We can rollout your project from soup to nuts, from domains to scaleable hosting to onsite installations and digital rolling floats. We have existing relationships with leading edge cloud deployment services and can handle all of that for you, ensuring an easy painless rollout. In other words, we got you covered!